Floriculture Enhancements

The cornerstone of a unique, colorful yard is vegetation; and what better way to boast a lush, lively landscape than with a nourished garden? At Hicks Landscape, we understand that a garden is there for more than curb appeal. A garden is personal, relaxing and – yes – attractive. That’s why we offer garden enhancements that complement and radiate, including:

Color Bowls

Small round pots placed on tables that will brighten up any sitting area. Enjoying beautiful colors while talking with friends and family.

Combination Baskets and Railing Baskets/Boxes

Hanging combination baskets that hold mounding and cascading flowering annuals on porches and decks. Railing baskets that can be place along any porch railing.

Container Gardens

Containers which are filled with bulbs, annuals, perennial grasses, or herbs, and which accent large outdoor living areas, around pools, grills, stone patios, or decks.


Can be placed as accents to front doors, entrances to driveways, and centerpieces in natural areas or perennials gardens.

Flower beds

Beds can provide colorful drifts along driveways, natural areas, or as a finishing touch surrounding patios and decks with beautiful colors. Flowerbeds are great addition to sitting areas and around water features.

Cultivate your dream garden with Hicks Landscape

Our wide variety of Floriculture Enhancement methods can add color and flavor to your outside gardens, and we are happy to help you learn more about which options may be best for your needs.

Tired of your lifeless yard? Contact Hicks Landscape today to add spice to your garden!

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