Up & Accent Lights Raleigh

Perfect for accenting architectural and landscape features, Up & Accent Lights typically sit very low to the ground, and are pointed upward toward a specific tree, bush, statue, or other object. Up & Accent lights come in many varieties and options, including:

  • Number of Bulbs
  • Type of Bulbs (LED, Low Energy, White Hot, Etc)
  • Size of Shaft & Lamp
  • Color
  • Wattage
  • Tilt
  • Cover & Shading Size
  • Size/Shape of Lamp Face
  • Glass or Plastic Lens
  • Height
  • Construction Material (Aluminum, Composite, Etc)

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Due to the many customizable options, we offer an almost limitless selection of Up & Accent lighting varieties. During your free estimate and consultation, our experienced Hicks Lighting specialists will explain your best options based on your home’s individual style and available features. Please submit a contact form to schedule your on-site estimate today!

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