Lawn Care Services – Raleigh, NC

The base for a beautiful landscape begins with a plush healthy lawn, and a plush healthy lawn begins with professional lawn care services from Hicks Landscape! Each terrain is different, and our lawn experts understand the unique aesthetic and ecological aspects of growing and maintaining beautiful grass, especially in our unpredictable North Carolina climate.

Optional Lawn Care Services

Ask about optional services that will add curb appeal, provide more outdoor living space and give the outside of your home or business a more manicured appearance. Consider strategic plantings that will provide privacy and shade for years to come, as well as beauty and color. We also provide a turf care program to promote a healthy turf and discourage unwanted weeds.  Our optional lawn care services include:

Does your yard have that “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” look?  Contact Hicks Landscape today to discuss a makeover that will bring your landscape back to life!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Decorative Grass