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Visually very similar to In-Ground & Well Lights, Step & Brick lights are typically placed alongside exterior steps, on the interior side of brick rails and ramps. These types of lights are unique as they are able to be placed within existing brick or concrete structures. Step & Brick lights are also available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, such as circular, squared, flats, elongated, shelved, etc. Fixtures are also available with or without louvers and shading structures, depending on the chosen style.

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Hicks Outdoor Lighting services carries a wide variety of materials from which Step & Brick lights may be created. We currently offer copper, brass, aluminum, and composite options, meaning we can match our light fixtures to any look your home has. We find that aluminum and composite options are usually best for modern homes, while brass and copper typically work well with rustic, classical homes. No matter your home and personal style, we will make it work!

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