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Exterior Lighting installation can be a big commitment for a residential or commercial property. And finding the right company to bring your beautiful dreams to life can be equally as challenging. Hicks Outdoor Lighting is that company.

We pride ourselves on working closely with each and every client to completely understand the homeowner’s vision, long before we ever start working. Our experienced and certified lighting consultants will literally walk you through the installation and design process, thoroughly explaining your every option. We offer countless varieties of exterior lighting models, each with specific characteristics and benefits to fit any home.

Complete your outdoor lighting project with Hicks

Once you have determined the types of lighting you prefer, we begin building your vision. We customize our designs based on the areas and accessories your home currently features. We install recessed wall lights, in-ground lights, and underwater lights, as well as many other more standard varieties. Because every home’s exterior is unique, every one of our outdoor lighting installations is customized. We never do the same job twice, which is why we pay special attention to every project, every time.

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