Bollard & Beacon Lights Raleigh

Many homeowners refer to Bollard & Beacon lights as lighthouse lights, because these styles often feature a bulb sitting atop a long tower-like base. Because of their relatively simple design, bollard and beacon lights are less customizable than most other styles. However, homeowners may still choose from a fairly wide selection of options, such as:

  • Height
  • Color
  • Width
  • Shade Design
  • Material (Aluminum, Copper, Etc)
  • Bulb Size & Type

Where can I use Bollard & Beacon lights?

Bollards & Beacons work well for lighting up dark paths and walkways, because their emitted light usually extends outward or toward the ground. Unlike Up & Accent lights, Bollards and Beacons are not effective for lighting trees, walls, or sides of objects. Bollards & Beacons are very effective for corner areas of a lawn, as they provide the perfect circular lighting effects for lighting up dark edges.

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