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Path & Spread lights are standalone lights which rest atop a short (usually 2-3 foot) pole. These lights are designed to light up pathways, walkways, and outdoor patios during evening hours. Because of the cone shade around the lamp, the light is concentrated in one specific area, minimizing glare and disturbances in surrounding areas. Path & Spread lights are highly customizable, as shades are also available in concave or bell shaped designs, which usually do not include tilting hinges.

Where can I use Path & Spread Lights?

Because path & spread lights are relatively low and concentrated, they are perfect choices for smaller landscapes and patios. They also work well in combination with other outdoor lighting products, such as Up & Accent and in-ground styles. During your free estimate, a Hicks Outdoor Lighting specialist will discuss all your options, including which product choices may suite your home best.

Due to their many available options, Specialty Lighting fixtures provide the most flexibility of any of our VISTA Professional Lighting Products. Regardless of your choice, Hicks Outdoor Lighting professionals will install your lighting system quickly, efficiently, and discretely. We take every step to ensure that our finished products are beautiful and professionally done.

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