Specialty Lights North Carolina

Hicks Outdoor Lighting provides a solution for every lighting situation. We offer many specialty lighting fixtures which are custom designed for odd or unique placements, such as walls, nooks, or slanted surfaces. Our wide variety of specialty lights come in wall-mounted, hanging, angled, and slanted designs, each customized uniquely to fit your home’s individual décor.

Our Specialty Lights selection

Because of the plethora of options available on specialty lights, the customization options are almost limitless. When selecting your perfect Hicks Outdoor Lighting Specialty Lighting Fixtures, you may choose from:

  • Type of Design (Wall-Mounted, Low Angled, Hanging, Etc)
  • Number/Style of Bulbs
  • Type of Bulbs (LED, Low Energy, White Hot, Etc)
  • Size of Shaft & Lamp
  • Color
  • Wattage
  • Tilt/Angle
  • Cover & Shading Size
  • Size/Shape of Lamp Face
  • Glass or Plastic Lens
  • Height
  • Construction Material (Aluminum, Composite, Etc)
  • Slant
  • Standalone or Integrated

Due to their many available options, Specialty Lighting fixtures provide the most flexibility of any of our VISTA Professional Lighting Products. Regardless of your choice, Hicks Outdoor Lighting professionals will install your lighting system quickly, efficiently, and discretely. We take every step to ensure that our finished products are beautiful and professionally done.

Customize your outdoor lighting with Hicks Landscape

Please visit our Photo Gallery to see many beautiful examples of our North Carolina Exterior Lighting Services. Just image how we can transform your backyard or pool area from a dark, dull place, to a live, well-lit entertainment area! Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation demo.

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