Try A Clover Lawn & Go Green

Are you searching for a way to have a beautiful, lush lawn, without shelling out bundles of cash on ridiculous water bills caused by your spring and summer sprinklers? Hicks Landscape has a solution for you: Clover Lawns! Now you may be thinking, isn’t clover an annoying lawn weed that most homeowners struggle to rid themselves of? In reality, clovers offer many distinct advantages over traditional grass lawns, including saving you some green in your wallet.

Benefits of Clover Lawns Over Traditional Grass Lawns:

  • Clovers Require Less Water – Deeper roots and less water absorption means clover lawns require less frequent sprinkler showers to stay beautiful, lush, and green. This means a lower water bill for you!
  • Clovers Grow Slowly, & Reach Max Height Around 3-6 Inches – Slower growing lawns mean fewer mowings in the spring and summer, leading to a lower gasoline and lawn care cost.
  • Clovers Smother Weeds As They Grow – Naturally aggressive growing clover does not allow room for the typical lawn weed to thrive. Your clover lawn will be lush, vibrant, and weed-free!
  • Clovers Produce Pink & White Flowers – When germinating, clovers produce small, marble-sized pink and white flowers which give your lawn a splash of seasonal color.
  • Clovers Require No Fertilizer – Fertilizer is expensive! And clovers do not require it at all! Nitrogen fixing roots allow clovers to essentially fertilize themselves, converting nitrogen in the soil and air to nutrients.
  • Clovers Stay Green Longer than Traditional Grasses – Since they require less water, clovers will keep their rich green color long after normal lawn grasses would have browned.
  • Clovers Attract Parasitoid Wasps – Don’t worry, these wasps are the good guys. They naturally prey on bugs and insects that may cause harm to your lawn and garden.
  • Clovers Mix Well With Traditional Lawn Grasses – In case you’d like to vary your lawn a bit, mixing clover and grass seed produces a nice balanced lawn, giving you the benefits of both.

One thing to consider when thinking about which lawn to choose is that the aforementioned pink and white flowers are naturally very attractive to bees. Gardeners will love these little guys, as bees are fantastic plant pollinators, which will help any outdoor garden. To some homeowners, an abundance of bees may be seen as a pest problem. However if you don’t mind a bit of buzzing, a clover lawn might just be for you.

A clover lawn is widely viewed as a more eco-friendly lawn, as it requires less water and gasoline consumption from lawnmowers. Aside from less maintenance and lower water and gasoline costs, clover yards also offer many other unique benefits, such as beautiful flowers and garden-enhancing insects.

A Hicks Landscape professional can educate you about all of your lawn seeding options, including the unique benefits of clover. Contact us today to learn more!

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