Hicks Landscape Drainage Services

Efficient drainage is vital to maintaining the hydration and composition of your lawn. Unfortunately, many yards located on unbalanced terrain experience localized water pooling and substantial soil erosion. To combat this prevalent issue throughout Central North Carolina, we offer a variety of effective drainage services that steer water runoff into the correct areas of your lawn and minimize soil displacement.

Our Drainage products

Hicks Landscape has a wealth of experience tackling drainage projects throughout the Triangle and surrounding areas. Because each yard requires a distinct drainage formula, we offer a variety of drainage products to ensure your yard the drainage relief it needs. Our drainage styles include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • French Drains
  • Catch basins
  • Grading equipment
  • Water flow channels

We also offer water irrigation system installation and design to make sure that you receive the exact drainage solution for your yard.

Rescue your yard from the water!

If you’ve noticed certain excess accumulations of water throughout your yard, then you may have a drainage problem. Contact Hicks Landscape today to schedule your free on-site consultation, and eliminate water build-up that is drowning your lawn.

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